The registration is binding and accorded via Telephone, Email, online on the website, Postal Mail, or in person at our office.  The balance for the courses is required be paid within 1 – 2 weeks.  ISD reserves the right to refuse applications.  ISD also reserves the right to change start dates, programs, and course content at anytime without notice.  Prices, Terms, and Conditions listed in the brochure or online are also subject to change.  The conclusion of a course is dependent upon registration.
Everey customer can register for not more than 1 course in special offer.

The prices of various services/products are contingent upon the point in time at which they were booked/ordered.  The amounts provided at include VAT.  Certain services/products are exempt from VAT.  The price listing for courses and materials are in accordance with the clients assessment and appropriate course.  If the classification of actual requirements vary, prices may accordingly vary.

Public holidays
NO Lesson on public holidays. If there are more than 2 public holidays in a course the price will be reduced.

The client is required to pay course fees before the start of the first course.  Payment in installments is available for courses exceeding 700, EUR only.   The contract between the client and ISD applies as the confirmation invoice.  A seperate invoice will be issued only at the expressed request of the client.  Should the utilization of the contract take longer than 6 months, ISD reserves the right to adjust the fee and price: the client will be informed accordingly.

Individual Courses
All prices apply for individual courses which take place at the school.  Prices for in-house courses will be arranged with school management prior to course start.  Sessions may be cancelled by the participant up to 8 hours prior to session start.  Sessions cancelled without advanced notice will not be made-up.

Group Courses
Group courses usually start at 4 students. To avoid cancellation of courses the announced courses will take place even with a lower number of participants with the following reduction in the number of hours. Group courses usually have no more than 16 students. Only groups learning in room 7 (Rennweg) can have until 22 participants.


(Teaching Conditions:  A Teaching Unit/Lesson [UE], is held at 45 minutes for Group Courses and 50 minutes for Individual Courses)

German Courses

4 Participants (PT): 20 UE/Week  (180 min./Day)
3 PT: 13.3 UE/Week + 60 min./daily exercises  (180 min./Day)
2 PT: 10 UE/Week + 60 min./daily exercises  (150 min./Day)
1 PT: 6.6 UE/Week + 60 min./daily exercises  (120 min./Day)

Foreign Language Courses

“Plus” Course
4 PT:  15 Lessons of 90 Min.
3 PT:  13 Lessons of 90 Min.
2 PT:  12 Lessons of 90 Min.
1 PT:  11 Lessons of 90 Min.

“Condensed Plus” Course
4 PT:  30 Lessons of 90 Min.
3 PT:  28 Lessons of 90 Min.
2 PT:  24 Lessons of 90 Min.
1 PT:  22 Lessons of 90 Min.

“Crash” Course
4 PT:  10 Lessons of 90 Min.
3 PT:  10 Lessons of 75 Min.
2 PT:  9   Lessons of 60 Min.
1 PT:  8   Lessons of 50 Min.

The course price remains unchanged.

Refunds (Invoices WITH Acceptance Letter)
Students who are unable to obtain the necessary permits to enter Germany will receive a 100% refund to tuition fees, less 100,- € as registration fee. The school must receive written notification of the cancellation by completing a cancellation/refund request form available from the school and send a copy of the letter of rejection from a german Citizenship and Immigration Office, Embassy or Institution before the refund will be processed. The rufnd is processed only for invoices, which are not older than 1 Year. If the student has received an acceptance Letter ISD refunds ONLY in case of rejection by a german institution.

Cancellation Policy
The registration fee is non-refundable. As registration fee we consider 10 % of the total amount of every registration. In the event that a student must cancel their program, the school must receive written notification of the cancellation by completing a cancellation/refund form available from the school. Invoices that are older than 1 year won’t be considered. Refunds are processed according to the terms below.

% Program Completed  % Tuition Refunded
     0- 10%  of the program duration   70% (minus registration fee)
  11-29 % of the program duration   30% (minus registration fee)
 Over 30% of the program duration    0% (minus registration fee)


Accommodation Refund
The Homestay Placement fee is non-refundable. Students must notify the school at least two weeks in advance in order to obtain a refund for unused homestay fees.

The accomodation is for short stay. An accomodation with registration in the city-office will cost at the beginning 30,- EUR more for the garbage and Radio/TV taxes for the whole period of stay.

Visa:  If you require a Visa, you should apply at a German Embassy or Consulate in your country for one.  Visa application fees are the responsibility of the applicant.  As soon as you have registered by completing the registration form and we have recieved the course fees, official confirmation and an ACCEPTANCE LETTER will be sent.  Should a Visa not be issued, you will receive your deposit back, minus 100, EUR for processing.  This repayment is effected exclusively by a written cancellation issued by a Germany representative, as well the return of your registration confirmation.

Data Protection:  The user’s data will be stored for internal processing and advertising purposes of ISD, in compliance with statutory conditions.  If users do not wish promotional information from ISD, please notify us at Freiburg ISD.  Tel: +49 (0) 761 610 50 60;  Fax: +49 (0) 761 610 50 61;  Email:

Conditions of Enrollment
ISD reserves the right to refuse any undesired registration. ISD reserves the right to change start dates, programs, and course content at any time and without prior notice. Fees, dates and conditions listed in this brochure are subject to change without prior notice. Courses are available based on enrollment.

ISD and its directors and shareholders accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to personal belongings or property of students or program participants, or for any injury to or death of a student or program participant occurring on or off school property. Students must comply with the rules of the school as per the Student Handbook provided upon registration. Failure to comply with the rules of the school may result in dismissal.
Neither ISD nor its representatives are reliable in cases where ISD is unable to fulfill any services for which they are contractually bound because of weather, labor disputes, or other reasons which are beyond their control.

Final Conditions are in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.  Changes and additions to the contract must be done in writing.  Should any of the above conditions be invalidated, ISD has the right to replace them with similar provisions.  If this is not possible, then statutory provisions apply.


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