German course – REGULAR 20 units/week

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German REGULAR runs (usually) from monday to friday from 9 a.M. to 12:15 a.M.
20 Units a week. Please choose below the amount of weeks and the month in which you would like to start. Inform us also about your previous knowledges. You will be contacted within 48 Hours.



Intensivkurs REGULARDEU_INtensiv_Regular

2 weeks: 198,- EUR
4 weeks: 379,- EUR
6 weeks: 559,- EUR
8 weeks: 739,- EUR
9 weeks or more: 90,- EUR a week
15 weeks or more: 85,- EUR a week

Courses Descripcion and schedules

Are you looking for a German course with motivated participants, good teachers, efficient learn planning and proficient consultants?
The Intensivkurs REGULAR might be your choice. This is no INTEGRATIONSKURS (!), which means that all the participants do really want to learn, the groups are not oversized, You learn faster and we have the biggest flexibility in terms of choosing and implementing teaching programs and materials. Most important we have no overbureaucratized administration. You can enroll, You can start anytime you want.
This course was planned as an alternative solution to the problems of the traditional Integration courses and helps You to learn and practise the german language successfully, due to the execution of a rigorous Quality Control system.
Prices 2018
2 weeks: 198,- EUR
3 weeks: 298,- EUR
4 weeks: 379,- EUR
5 weeks: 479,- EUR
6 weeks: 559,- EUR
7 weeks: 659,- EUR
8 weeks: 739,- EUR
9 weeks or more: 90,- EUR a week
15 weeks or more: 85,- EUR a week

Description of Courses and Schedules

All German courses are intensive and run daily from Monday to Friday generally from 9:00 to 12:15 or in some cases from 12:30 to 3:45 p.M.
If you have previous knowledge You can start anytime after the absolving a placement test.
You have no previous knowledge? You can choose one of the following starting dates:

A1-level (NO previous knowledge)
17. September 2018 (Integrationskurs afternoon)
15. Oktober 2018
26. November 2018
14. Januar 2019
04. Februar 2019
18. März 2019
29. April 2019
27. Mai 2019
01. Juli 2019
05. August 2019
02. September 2019 (Integrationskurs afternoon)

If you don’t find an appropriate starting date, please look the page of the Integration Courses.
Since the courses for the other levels (for students with previous knowledge) run the whole year (except 2 weeks for Christmas), it is possible to start every Monday by taking a placement test or trying for free in the course you are interested in. Please call us at +49 761 6105060 to ask if there are still free places in the groups.


The biggest problem of the traditional language courses might probably be that the groups are mostly composed from students who don’t have the same motivation. This happens mainly because of two facts: many language schools tend to overfill the courses, due to the high costs of the courses, which are cofinanced by the Government. On the other side many language schools don’t give importance to the Placement Tests. Some participants (especially in the Integration Courses) are not motivated enough and this can disturb the correct progress of the Course.
Along the years we have been focussed on developing methods, in order to solve this problem, to form groups of students who are motivated to reach the goal of improving their knowledge of the german language. We finally have introduced the Quality-Control System. What is it?
At the beginning we pay considerable attention to the placement. At the end of every Level there are Zwischentests (intermediate tests)which give us an image of the progress of all the students. In order to attend the next level a student has to score at least 50% of the points. The school management is continously in contact with the teachers and helps them by evaluating their impressions concerning the students and the test results and administrating the group.

In addition the work at ISD is strongly target-oriented. Our interest and our biggest joy is that every course participant fully uses his capability in learning german, in order to reach a successful goal, no matter if this is to pass an exam or just improve the language for the work or the everyday life.
The school management requires from the teachers a very detailed documentation about the course progress, the results and the regularity of the participation, including for example in doing homework. This means that every effort of our work tends to one goal: to offer You the possibility to learn German by investing your money and your time the right way!

Structure of an intensive course REGULAR:

4 units every day (special rules for minigroups with less than 4 participants)
5 days a week
at least: 2 weeks
In line with the common framework of the language scale stated by the European Union, ISD sets up courses from the beginner up to the advanced level as follows:
A1a basic (2 weeks)
A1b basic + (2 weeks)
A1c basic ++ (2 weeks)

A2a pre-intermediate (2 weeks)
A2b pre-intermediate + (2 weeks)
A2c pre-intermediate ++ (2 weeks)

B1a intermediate (2 weeks)
B1b intermediate + (2 weeks)
B1c intermediate ++ (2 weeks)
B1d Intermediate +++ (2 weeks)

B2a upper-intermediate (2 weeks)
B2b upper-intermediate + (2 weeks)
B2c upper-intermediate ++ (2 weeks)
B2d upper-intermediate +++ (2 weeks)

C1a advanced (2 weeks)
C1b advanced + (2 weeks)
C1c advanced ++ (2 weeks)
C1d advanced +++ (2 weeks)
C1e advanced ++++ (2 weeks)

All the courses are didactically structured and planned to give the possibility to do in Addition to the internal Zwischentest the following telc-exams:

Start Deutsch 1 (telc Deutsch A1)
Start Deutsch 2 (telc Deutsch A1)
telc Test Deutsch alfa A2+
telc Test Deutsch A2+
telc Test Arbeitsplatz Deutsch A2+
Zertifikat Deutsch (telc Deutsch B1)
Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche (telc Deutsch B1 Schule)
telc Deutsch B2
Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (telc Deutsch B2 Beruf)
telc Deutsch C1
telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule
Test DaF


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