German Integrationskurse


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Integrationskurse in Freiburg. By choosing “okay” you reserve (without obligation) a place in one of our next Integrationskurse. You will receive more detailed information about price and available levels by email.
The whole Integrazionskurs takes 27 or 33 weeks (depending on the amount of the hours every day) and is structured in 6 modules (each 100 units) + a module called Orientierungskurs with 60 units.
Each modul costs 390,- EUR. This price can variate (50% or 100% off!), if the participant lives in Germany and has a Berechtigungsschein (available at Jobcenter or Ausländerbehörde or at BAMF). Our staff will be glad to help you applying for an INTEGRATIONSKURS.


GERMAN – Integrationskurse
Foreigner who already live in Germany can register for an INTEGRATIONSKURS. This kind of course contents 600 units of language course (levels: A1 to B1) and 60 units of Orientierungskurs, which is a course about structures of the german society (1 unit = 45 minutes). The course is structured as follows:

Modul 1) A1.1  (100 units = 4 weeks)*
Modul 2) A1.2 (100 units = 4 weeks)*
Modul 3) A2.1 (100 units = 4 weeks)*
Modul 4) A2.2 (100 units = 4 weeks)*
Modul 5) B1.1 (100 units = 4 weeks)*
Modul 6) B1.2 (100 units = 4 weeks)*
Orientierungskurs (60 units = 3 weeks)

*The evening course (5:15 pm – 8:30 pm) takes 5 weeks for each Modul!


Privat without Berechtigungsschein*
1 Modul = 390,- EUR
Orientierungskurs = 234,- EUR

Student with Berechtigungsschein*
1 Modul = 195,- EUR
Orientierungskurs = 117,- EUR

Student with Berechtigungsschein* and complete assuption of cost
1 Modul = kostenlos
Orientierungskurs = kostenlos

Next Courses

Level A1:19.09.2016 (Mo.-Fr. 8:30- 12:40)
14.11.2016 (Mo.-Fr. 17:15 – 20:30)
23.01.2017 (Mo.-Fr. 13:00 – 17:10)

Level A2:19.09.2016 (Mo. – Fr. 13:00 – 17:10)
14.11.2016 (Mo. – Fr. 8:30 – 12:40)
06.02.2017 (Mo. – Fr. 17:15 – 20:30)

Level B1:14.11.2016 (Mo. – Fr. 13:00 – 17:10)
23.01.2017 (Mo. – Fr. 8:30 – 12:40)


You can register by writing an email or contacting us through our online form, by calling us at 07616105060 or visiting us at Habsburgerstr. 83 (Mo.-Fr. 9-12 Uhr und 14 – 18 Uhr) or Rennweg 49-51 (Mo. – Do. 8:30 – 11:30). If you already have german knowledge you can do a placement test, in order to enroll for the most adequate course.

*Berechtigungsschein, Costs, final exam

1U6A8753Everybody can take part to an INTEGRATIONSKURS. People without a stable residence in Germany or without a Berechtigungsschein must pay the whole costs (please read the prices above). A Berechtigungsschein is a document you can take (if you have the right to) from some different german institutions, like for example BAMF. Please read more informations about it directly on

If you have a Berechtigungsschein you have to pay only 50% of the price. IN some cases you can get a Berechtigungsschein with a total absumption of the price (100%).

At the end of the course you can take an exam, which has 2 parts: a language test and a Test zum Orientierungskurs.
If you pass both exams you have successfully completed the Integrationskurs and you will receive a certification.

Benefits of an Integrationskurs

As a foreign citizen you have to demonstrate your language knowledge. The successfull participation in an Integrationskurs is one of the most important requirements, in order to get a job, or an unlimited residence permit or a naturalization.