C1-Hochschule Training


Course for telc C1-Hochschule in small goups


telc C1-Hochschule Training

If you want to study in a german University you have to prove your german language knowledge by passing one of the following exams:
– telc C1-Hochschule
– test DaF

In our language centre it is possible to do the new exam telc C1-Hochschule. In order to increase the chances to pass the exam ISD-Freiburg organizes montly specific trainings in small group with 3 – 6 participants.

Small Group: 3-6 participants
Target: specific preparation of the exam telc C1-Hochschule
Price: 449,- EUR
Course start:
Kursort: ISD-Freiburg Verwaltungszentrum, Habsburgerstr. 83
Uhrzeit: Mo.-Fr. 16:30 – 19:00 (15 Min. Pause)
Dauer: 3 Wochen (15 Tage)
Unterrichtseinheiten (gesamt): 45 UE
Unterrichtseinheiten (pro Tag): 3 UE

Place: ISD-Freiburg Verwaltungszentrum, Habsburgerstr. 83
Time: Mo.-Fr. 4:30 – 7:00 p.M. (15 Min. Pause)
Length: 3 weeks (15 days)
Units (total): 45 units
Units (daily): 3 units

Why should I take a course at ISD?
Because our teachers and our administrators ARE telc examinators. We know the stuff we teach very well and our goal is to improve your skills in order to pass the exam. We are constantly updated and have a great experience concerning telc Exams, with over 300 exams every year. We offer trainings in small groups or as one-on-one classes.
Why should I take a course for the C1-Hochschule?
Because the exam is not easy and it is necessary to optimize the skills and the strategy, in order to do the points you need to pass the exams.
What is our learning strategy?
First of all: It is very important to learn in a small group. In a big group you can improve your knowledge in order to get to a specific level with a standard learning program, but you cannot really work on all the aspects you personally need to improve, because you cannot personalize the class. This is possible in a small group, in which the teacher has the possibility to focus on the single needs of the students. This means for you, that you can avoid single mistakes, which would cuase the loss of important points during the exam. You reduce the range of mistakes and get more chance to pass the exam.