German DSH, TestDaF or telc Training

350,00 1.095,00 

One-on-one or dual course for the preparation of specific language exams, like DSH, TestDaF or all the telc language certificates


Preparation to DSH, TestDaF or telc

1U6A8675For the exams DSH and TestDaF  and for all telc-Prüfungen ISD offers special courses as one-on-one trainings, or for 2 participants.
Our experience told us that every single applicant needs a specific, personalized training to improve exactly in the fields, which cause him or her more difficulty (for example in using prepositions with the appropriate case, in the declination of the adjectives, in the construccion of the sentence, in writing, in listening, etc.). On the very first day the applicant can take a simulated test, for us to discover in which field he needs more help. After this we can plan a personalized Training, to work directly where it’s necessary without losing time. Only in this way we can offer you an efficient course. Only in this way you can optimize your skills and your potential and improve your performance during the exam.
Trainings can be started anytime. After you enrol, we will contact you to plan the course together.

A DSH-/TestDaF- telc-Training costs
for 1 person
10 Units = 359,- EUR
15 U = 523,- EUR
20 U = 670,- EUR
30 U = 990,- EUR

for 2 persons:
10 Units = 410,- EUR
15 U = 585,- EUR
20 U = 760,- EUR
30 U = 1.110,- EUR